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Creating A Bug Free Mind - The Secret to progress in any area of life

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93 Responses to Free 5 Chapters

  1. sondra nielsen says:

    Thank you Andy. I will read them. Congratulations! Sincerely, Sondra Nielsen

  2. Buddy says:

    I’m trying to down load your audio{5 free chapters} but keeps stopping in the middle. Is anyone else having this trouble


    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Buddy,

      Maybe a re-start would help… Irritating but maybe it would as these have been downloaded now by tens of thousands of people all over the world, so I’m pretty confident the downloads ok.

      Best wishes,


    • remi says:

      yes buddy that’s exactly what keeps happening to me

  3. Scott says:

    I just keep getting error messages and no link? please resend . Cheers

    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Scott,

      Strange, I’d either clear my cookies or put the link into a different browser tot he one you are currently using. As a tech phobe those too little tricks have saved me a lot of grief over the years. Rest assured thought the link works.

      Best wishes,


      • Scott says:

        Hi Andy
        Got it !! Thank you ,and Great weekend !!

  4. Bill says:

    Hi Andy,

    I am also having the same issue with the audio download. The link to read the book is working, but not the audio. If you would have someone fix the audio link? I am pretty sure it is on your end.


    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Bill,

      Thank you, will get the tech department to investigate.

      Best wishes,


  5. Linda Rasmussen says:

    The audio still won’t download. I’ve tried it in 3 different browsers to see if that could fix it.

    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Linda,

      We are ‘FINALLY’ on it, apologies for the problem it should be sorted by now, if not very soon.



      • Linda Rasmussen says:

        It worked! Thanks! And thanks for sharing these tools! I appreciate it!

  6. Alain says:

    Hi Andy,
    I’m using a Mac, am also having problems with the audio download, it tells me decompression failed, don’t know how to figure this one out, guess I’m off to reading !
    Thanks for your program, absolutely amazing.
    Cheers, Alain

  7. dor says:

    Having problem with the audio download

  8. Nannce says:

    Have been trying to watch the video for a few days, it says I need Flash 9 and shows a link. No result when clicking the link. I have downloaded it separately and still nothing. Soooo, have downloaded the chapters and the audio. Will see what happens.
    Great idea though, I hope I can get it to work. I am definitely not a techie

  9. Yahia Grim says:

    Bonjour tout le monde, Bonjour Andy

    Merci infiniment pour le cadeaux. je vais le lire avec passion, mais l’audio, j’ai un problème de langue! je ne connais pas l’anglais! désolé! merci encore, mes sincères salutations. je vous souhaite Paix et Prospérité a tout le monde.

    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Yahia,

      I do not speak French myself so I know what you mean… I am planning to get everything translated into several different languages but unfortunately not for the next couple of years. I have a lot still to do before I begin that process.

      Best wishes,


      • Winston says:

        I’m 53 and I loved French at school ! Had to give it up after getting an ‘A’ at O level….bah humbug ! Got to have a go at translating Yahia’s message (without google translation).

        “Infinite thanks for the gift. I am going to read it with passion, but the audio, I have a language problem! I don’t understand English! Dejected ( or bah humbug lol !). Thank you again, my sincere congratulations. I would like to wish Peace and Prosperity to everyone. ”

        Boy that felt good to actually interpret that ! :-) 37 years since I was in a French class…..I’m impressed with myself lol.

        Oh………loving your writing style and plain but very wise talk. I will be in touch soon with more feedback.

        Best regards

  10. Laura Scott says:

    Andy, I listened to the introduction and just started laughing. It’s like you were not only looking over my shoulder but in my head as I went through one personal development book after another. It was refreshing in a way that ended up drowning out my personal nutter while I listened. I am looking forward to what comes next as I believe this is finally the education I have been looking for. I am still skittish (read: spent a lot of money for nothing) but I am willing to hear you out.

  11. Sania says:

    I have had a hard time digesting the thought that I am truly out of control in my mind. That my mind has been the key to my captivity. I downloaded everything and the audio is such a help but as I tried to engulf the information. I found it so hard to come to grips with the really screwed up me. (tears) I guess I am really at day one even though it is day four. I have to take the day to continue to read and listen cause I now know if I can not quiet my mind or even captivate my only good thought about life I can not have success in anything I do. This program is truly a work of art….(tears) So far I have found that the audio give a great insight to what is being said in the book but the book has missing pieces. You have to truly have both. I have such a burst of emotions right now I can’t even began to put them into words as I feel crazy. So I can’t move forward without completing not one single step so I have to take the time to quite my mind and get my focus point that will get me back on track. I am going to be a little behind as I am truly working this system. I needed this and I am going to give it my all. Looking forward to moving forward. I make my statement of day for at the completion of my 15 seconds or more.

    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Sania,

      It gets easier, the advantage you have now is you’ve experienced the truth and that creates a massive shift in your consciousness which enables progress to happen. Give yourself the time needed to control your mind and it will pay dividends for the rest of your life.

      best wishes,


  12. Ruth Shaw says:

    I am wondering if my 15 minutes of positive thought has to be something that has already happened or if it can be something I enjoy dreaming about coming true??

    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Ruth,

      Well thought through… It can indeed be something in the future that you haven’t yet experienced in reality. One of the ones I did was seeing my daughter Sarah at Sea World in Orlando, and next month we’re going there. The secret though is the removal of doubt, if you doubt you will get it then the doubt robs from the power of gratitude, so only do it if you have no doubt of it happening.

      Best wishes,


  13. Mel says:

    Truly this is ‘inspired’ and inspiring stuff. Indeed it is not what I am yet to learn which is preventing me from becoming great; it is that which I have learnt and ignored. Thank you so much Andy for reminding me of these things in a way that is designed for me to never forget or ignore again (unless my brain and my life belongs in the loony bin). This is no accident; this encounter was designed and I’m thankful you have been faithful and played your part in this becoming a reality.

    Please forgive if my comment seems abstract; but i am a bit overwhelmed by the sheer profundity of this much needed encounter at this juncture in my life… many, many thanks. I know my life will change for the better and your name will be amongst those who aided the process. Yes, i know in order for MY life to change; I have to change MY life, but you would have provided much needed support and direction, and I’m truly grateful. be blessed.

    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Mel,

      No you’re comment is bang on… I designed the process to make it awkward to forget on purpose.

      Best wishes,


  14. Mel says:

    PS* i have been following along and the suggestions made for ‘stilling the mind’ works like a charm. Ironically, i have always been a ‘dreamer’ so holding a fantasy or pleasant memory is not too hard; guess i just have not been doing it since the changes came which should have found me doing it even more. But daydream land, I am back!

  15. Melanie McKaba says:

    Ok. your first 5 chapters hooked me. I think I need to purchase your books because they make sense to me… The whole thing about self-help is that I could never get past the point of how it was supposed to work if the base part of me was never changed.. The clean water being added to a polluted pond made complete sense to me.. I finally got where all my problems with these self-help programs made sense… They will work but only if my mind is ready to actually use them otherwise, I am wasting money and time.. Your program sounds right and that is saying a lot because over the years, I have spent a lot of money and seen nothing in return for my cash.

  16. Emu says:

    Enjoyed the 5 chapter audio and agree to most of it. And even the 3 magic words make sense. I have got it
    mentally and intellectually but what get,s in the way is the feeling and emotion and even saying I am surrendering
    it is my mind and mouth saying but some kind our energetical force is keeping the anger and fed up……no emotion
    would help us being detached from anyting but am not yet there.

    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Emu,

      Remember that current thought pattern has been burned into your mind probably for decades… Changing to a new way of thinking about this sort of thing takes a while to sit right, there’s no rush…. Just keep applying the techniques and pretty soon it’ll be as awkward thinking your current way as it is today thinking the correct natural way.

      Have fun!


  17. Sylvia says:

    thanks for the download;I can’t wait to get started to use this in my everyday life
    I have used this to change my life of negativity and see that if I think positive everything works out
    thanks again

  18. Declan says:

    Hi Andy,
    Is having a good healthy diet helpful in working with your bug free mind program ??


  19. Declan says:

    Hi Andy
    I guess you most likely will not even get to read this anyway here goes.
    I feel and have felt that I am close to an inner shift for so long now.However, I am ADHD and dyslexic and come from a neglectful background with alcoholism and violence being pretty normal Ha. As a result I have a lot of subconscious and unconscious cleaning up to do. However, to date I have managed to qualify as a psychotherapist and I work full time with homeless people, but, to be honest I am sick and tired of it.I have worked for the past ten/eleven years with homeless people and have given my all to others as this is what has worked for me. But as I said I am quite tired and want to be able to live my passion along side that dream life I always dreamed of as far back as I can remember, I mean to live with financial ease and yes to be also able to help and make a difference in the world and in many peoples lives, but to also be able to bring my family away on those holidays that you hinted at.To be able to give them and show them the joys of life. To not have to worry if one of them get sick that I can be reassured of the best possible treatments if anything where to happen. I have four wonderful children well, two are children and two grown up now, who did not have it easy either and I want so badly to be able to be a role model but, also to be able to bring us closer together as a family by being able to have those luxury’s of life and have fun with them before I die. And I kinda know that is not to far of in the distance. Anyway I love what you say, and, I can hear clearly what your saying, and I get it, I think, but I am inclined to keep jumping from one possibility or programme to another. So look I could really do with some direct coaching for more reasons than suggested already and I am not really able to discuss here. I ask for your help because I need it, really need it, I am willing and able but left to my own devices I drift unknowingly that is the truth. I then come back get focused and start again but only to find I have drifted again. I repeat I know you know what I am talking about. But as I said I think the ADHD and dyslexic problems do interfere further to some degree. I am not seeking pity I can assure you that, but I have learned to ask for help when my back is against the wall, and it is with this. Hey Andy I am sure your up to your eyes but if you can see your way to giving this body an extra dig out ill be eternally grateful. Thank you. Yours thankfully Declan. My Number is 353862003414

    • Declan says:

      Hi Andy

      Can you kindly let me know if you have gotten my mail as it is saying some moderation is required. Ta


      • Andy Shaw says:

        Hi Declan,

        As far as I know everything seems fine.

        Best wishes,


    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Declan,

      Yes I got to it :-)

      The problem you have with not being able to stick to it is just a flawed part of your thinking which can be fixed. I covered on the webinar why people change direction and can’t complete things. It is basically because they are doing things in the wrong order, it’s like trying to put the roof on before the walls are built.

      As for personal coaching, I do very little of this as it is not an effective use of my time, and I am too lazy for it as it doesn’t suit what I want from my life. However, catch me in a bar after an event and buy me a few drinks and that’s socialising and it’s then my pleasure to help.

      But even when I do one on one training, I don’t train anyone who hasn’t gone through the process at least once as I wrote that for all people, and have MANY students who are dyslexic, suffer with ADHD and a whole range of other issues. The process is designed to make it easy for change.

      Don’t look at reading or listening to the lot, just look at reading a paragraph or a page, and it can be out of order… All of this will help you absorb it. You will find though that you will want to read or listen to this multiple times, I would guess that the average of all ABFM students is that they are on their 3rd read through, with at least one person on over 20!

      This isn’t a project to be finished like traditional learning, it is more a way of life, to pick up regularly or infrequently to suit you. I created it with the intent that it would always deliver the answer you needed that day.

      So I would recommend you go through this and do not concern yourself with how you’ve struggled with persistence in the past. So long as you can pick it up and read a little bit at a time then it will work its magic for you.

      Best wishes,


  20. JB says:

    Thank you for providing an audio format. For me it helps immensely. Many thanks Andy.

  21. Meg says:

    I am unable to use pop up asking for enrollment in the contest the link goes not open at all for insyant access I yried several times

    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Meg,

      Have a go at reloading the page in a new browser, ie chrome or Firefox. If that doesn’t work then clear your cookies, and if that doesn’t work then please contact my tech guys on and they will help you.

      Best wishes,


  22. Renata says:

    Reading a variety of books, I started working on me. Anger, despair and other emotions are slowly under control, but slowly I managed to free myself from the past. Errors and bad memories are returning, despite the enormous gratitude I feel for every second of my live, the past all the crashes are always coming back. I never soo this kind of thinking and that is what is the essence of what we have done and to sea that is wath it is and accept it that way and to go on. It is a good angle to see what’s important in life.

    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Renata,

      The techniques in the first 5 chapters are mainly control techniques. But these are to aid sharp transistion. The remainder of the process is not about controlling, it is about removing the need to control as the destructive thoughts cannot remain.

      Best wishes,


  23. Suzanne Benoit says:

    I am absolutely flabbergasted by these 5 chapters….I started at 12 noon and could not stop…and it’s now 4:30 pm…I realized I was already practicing the 15 seconds positive thought exercise, which I called ‘MY BIG PICTURE’ and it brings me back to the present whenever I need …so it’s a good start… the 15 minute exercise is something I look forward to do and I tried the ‘no-mind’ but I just don’t know… what I do is close my eyes and focus on a dot in front of my eyes…it makes me drift away that being in a ‘no mind’ state ???

    Anyways , Andy Shaw , you are amazing, I truly truly am inspired by you and what you have accomplished and will definitely g buy your books because ‘it will benefit me for the life I desire’ !!! I am very grateful for your generosity in giving me the opportunity to read these chapters and Thank you for being on my path..

    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Suzanne,

      Thank you for the wonderful compliments, they are always appreciated :-)

      As for is focusing on a dot no mind. Maybe think of it as you are looking for a waking off switch. Do not concren yourself too much with detail, you are looking for silence from thought. When you have found it you’ll know what it feels like. It is from there easy to expand it to more time, and easy to enact it whenever you notice the noise in your mind.

      Best wishes,


  24. Lina says:

    The 15 second holding a positive thought was easy for me, no problem at all holding the perfect thought, I fell into a reverie about my special time, for a good 2 to 3 minutes. I can even hear the sounds & practically smell the smells:)

    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Lina,

      Using your other senses is perfect, go deeper on that and it makes it easier.

      Best wishes


  25. michelle says:

    Very powerful 15 seconds. Thank you for this great tool. I will use it often.

    Michelle :)

  26. Yvonne says:

    I did the 15 second exercise. Very eye opening. I was able to eventually do it and then I went on to another wonderful experience and held on to that. I love how I was able to experience the full joy of the experience instead of watching some of it get canceled out. Thank you. I also want to thank you for offering both the PDF and audio. In this instance because I wanted to do the exercise I did the PDF. Later tonight I will listen to the audio. I know I am gonna love it.

  27. Lynne says:

    I have heard of the 15 second process before Andy, but as you said we put things aside.I have been assisted greatly by your 5 chapters and feel It was a blessing as I have been aware of the need to surrender to what is for the last 2 years since I found out from the man I have loved for 13 years has struggled since he was 13 with thinking he should have been born a girl. He is now 60 and 2 years ago after a 2 year break that I initiated after feeling so down with him shutting me out over and over, he told me. I immediately felt I would be with him and support him and told him such. I have just moved in with him ,feeling a little scared but he was very happy and had been asking me for a year to do so. I’m struggling now and so is he ,as he is having another face lift and plans to have the sex change op soon.I feel it is all to bring me more in life somehow and surrendering to what is has never been so apparent as the way it must be for any human to be at peace with life and have happiness within.When I read your 5 chapters I was so grateful ,for it is my prayers being answered right now. And… We really only have now… I would really love to read the book or any other assistance you have to offer. I am grateful for you being here with all who have been guided to your help. God Bless you. Lynne

    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Lynne,

      As you are no doubt fully aware better than most, we cannot control the actions of those around us. That’s their lives, we can just control ours and how we react to those around us, those we choose to have around us. As you go through the process you’ll find this situation becomes something quite different to you. I won’t say anymore as I don’t want to lead you in anyway to what you’ll shortly have happen. However, I will say that when you apply some structured thoughts in the remaining unstructured areas you’ll see some amazing things.

      Best wishes,


  28. Issie Olwage says:

    Dear Mr Shaw

    I am in the process of downloading you “First Five Chapters” of your book. There is a method in my madness – I am from Zimbabwe and our internet connections are so slow it takes probably the good part of an hour to download this – hence the fact that I have only read the other limited information available directly from your website, and not the Chapters in the book yet. Why I am actually writing you this is to give you some idea as to where I am mentally right this minute. Since 2005 I have lost three jobs due to the economy in this country. I am however employed again since 2009 permanently and enjoy my job, however it’s the living conditions we find so emotionally exhausting…… Through this a year ago my best friend lost her little daughter on 12 in a tractor accident. We don’t have “999″ to dial and have everything taken care of, our way is for us to rush out to the farm and help even if we have no clue what we are in for. My friend was in shock and in no state to do what had to be done, and it was a terrible accident so we thought it best she did not see the child, I was her support, and at time felt so broken myself, I prepared the child before she was taken away. Since then we have lost my husband’s mom. And the economy is still getting worse to the extend of their being hardly any work and two incomes a month still leaves you living from $ to $, and hand to mouth because of the cost of living on the US $ in Africa – it has not the same value as it will have elsewhere. I feel like my mind is exhausted, and really pray that this program of yours – put it this way if it works for me it will work for anybody and you will be a miracle worker!!! Because I am so exhausted typing these thoughts seems like endless effort. I would like to thank you though for kind words, and the encouragement. Speak soon………….

    Kind Regards

  29. Tatiana Brown says:

    This is definitely a very generous offer and I truly look forward to learning more from this thank you very much it is appreciated.


  30. Tim says:

    Hi Andy;

    I’ve read through the 5 chapters a couple of times so far. I had no trouble with the 15 thinking is never all that scattered. I can usually maintain my focus on what I’m doing. The No-Mind exercise is almost as easy, though variable. It’s hard to tell if I’m really thinking or not.

    I have the sense that I’ve still got some self-limiting beliefs that are holding me back. I have trouble getting emotionally involved in anything, good or bad. Most people would say I’m fairly laid-back. I guess I’m mostly left-brained, analytical, though quite a bit more creative than most people. I need to resolve this conflict.

    I’m really looking forward to reading the rest of the book(s).



  31. Toral says:

    Watched the pond video and completely agree to the concept !! very well explained ..waiting to read the first 5 chapters !! ;);) surely helpful !! Thank you !!

  32. Tonya says:

    This book is great! I know that I am everything I desire to be. I desire the rest of this great book.

  33. Declan says:

    Thank you Andy,
    I have put everything else aside, although I had very little sleep last night I am determined to follow up and do what my ego don’t want me to do. I have my Journal out am listening reading and taking notes. You know I am a therapist and I pretty much know this material a long time and have sought it out through many different disciplines and theories however, I think i have said it before to you on this reply area that it has been really information and I used to practice some on and off over the years. In saying that you have a lovely and convincing way of delivering it and, what is really brilliant is that you get to the meat of the material quickly and give the practices of what needs to be done clearly and concisely in an easy formula. I love your simplicity and what a great name “Bug Free Mind” again keeps the language simple layman’s terms if you like. I am very grateful to you for your programme and for giving me the necessary nudges and cues that has helped me to hear you and helped me to make the right decision’s to keep going, to do what your suggesting. I am not fighting my resistance and ego I am just staying aware that it there trying to prevent me from doing what is good for me. I feel this is my time my motivation and desire is quite good at present and I think as I read listen and practice that is giving me more. I am actually looking forward to continuing so I am just going to read from the five chapters take some more notes and ill probably get some shut eye while listening to the 6. Thanks again, Best regards. Declan

  34. Rachel says:

    I truly look forward to trying “A Bug Free Mind”. My life has never been what I want it to be and I have spent most of my life believing that I am replaceable, worthless and not close to living up to the standards that I would like to. I have had many terrible things happen in my life from birth till this current time. I have lost to many loved ones, I have lost my home and currently my husband and I are living with my mother. Not exactly the way that I saw myself living life at the age of 32. I have been trying to enter the contest and read through the emails every day. I have never received any questions to answer and I have only found one video to watch (which I have now watched numerous times)

    I look forward to a day where I can go to work for a place or at a place that I love and feel appreciated, I look forward to one day being able to be a mother, I long for the day of being thin, not severely obese and miserable looking in the mirror. This is why I sooooo badly want to enter this contest in hopes of winning. My husband and I would LOVE the opportunity to attend one of your seminars but in the current position we are in it just isn’t possible. I need this so badly even if it is just for the pure fact of changing my mind set to not think that I am worthless, replaceable, not important, or meaningless. I so want to wake up every morning and feel and believe that I am a one in a million person and that I am worth it!!! I look forward to your response. Thank you for your time and releasing such valuable information to people like me. :-) Sending my best

    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Rachel,

      The only person on Earth who can decide you are useless and worthless is you. Right now though your ego is throwing rocks at you and making it almost impossible to think. Go through the free training, and find your way back to the prize draw page and you’ll find the questions.

      Though it doesn’t matter if you win or not I can tell you that the free material alone will start you turning back the right way. And that you will be on a very rewarding journey.

      Best wishes,


  35. Laura says:

    Wow, the 15 seconds trick does work. I thought I would not be able to do it, been trying to still my mind for a few minutes everyday without success but found that trying for 15 seconds is easier, I can build on that:-) Thank you for sharing, it has made a difference already. I have been battling with issues and “I” keep talking myself into a deep dark pit of despair – time now for “I” to hush and give me a chance.
    I feel like so many people who have commented – makes me feel “normal”, I am not alone in my thinking. There are things I want to do and achieve but set myself up for failure every time cos I don’t feel like I am good enough, I hold onto anger and hurts cos I am afraid to let go – why I have no cooking clue! I try to get move from this place where I am in one giant leap, but I end up face first in the dirt, I like your idea of 15 seconds, although i am impatient, 15 seconds is achievable and I can build up from there – sort of like stamina training for a marathon hehehe.
    So here is to moving from this uncomfortable place to a place of sunshine, laughter and life! The life I want!
    Thank you Andy for helping me get there.

  36. wakefield says:

    I am afraid before reading the first five chapters whether I may get any benefit because I am hearing impaired.Once I was almost a robust personality.Gradually I lost everything including skills,sense of hearing and self esteem.Now I have clear intrinsic motive to win in life.I can talk.I have no sincere friends.I am not sure whether I may get answer from any responsible person in any manner.Anyway I go to read with full confidence,hope and expectation.ok.

  37. I truly believe that it’s a waste of time putting new ideas into a pool full of muddy waters. It does make sense when you think of it.
    Are these books print ? How can I order them? The sooner I find out the sooner I’ll order them, thank you.

  38. Liliana Claudia says:

    Hello Andy,
    I thank you for sent me again the download, but I am tring to read this book, for more and less 20 days or more.- I managed to download easy but when the time is coming to opening I can not do it?? Look than my ego got extra powers, (ja,ja,ja) because it look imposible for me to read.- I tried the audio and the video no one is good for me to see it.- Can you help with a different system easy to open and to see it? Many thanks.- Liliana Claudia

  39. Cheryl brooks says:

    It took a while but I am able to hold positive thought and I have a lot to be grateful for. Last night I had a dream that is different. there are two people who continually try to cause problems and hurt me. In my dream I told them to move out and they did. it was a place I’ve never seen with boxes full of stuff. They didn’t cause trouble or show anger , they just packed up and moved out. It’s beautiful having that image. eighteen years of that man hurting me and trying to is finely over. I suspect my healing might be next!!!!!!!!

  40. Mark M says:

    Hey Andy, Thanks for the 5 chapters of “A Bug Free Mind”.
    Each time I went to buy your book I couldn’t find a link to purchase it.
    I have the first 10 chapters now but would like to buy the book.
    Please help
    Mark M

  41. Anjara says:

    Hello, and thank you, Andy. I have been struggling with this material, to wit, the No Mind part.
    This evening I have been reviewing it, again, and listened to Chpt. 2. I am actually HEARING it now. I was able to do the 15 sec., as far as I could tell. Then I switched to another thought for the 15 sec, and could barely remember what a good memory was..interesting. I definitely hear that this part is the foundational key, and I am working with it.

    Thank you for your gift. I am dealing with both health and money appearance issues..and have entered the contest. I got, in reading the comments, that it doesn’t matter if I win or not..that with this gift, and interacting with what you have put forth, I am already winning. AND I still intend to get to the strength of intent for me to take the next step, the whole step, by whatever means..after all, I did manifest this answer.

    Thank you.
    Anjara Alexi…excited!

  42. Anjara says:

    Again, Andy, thank you for this. I find that I am taking it in in a way that is gathering all I have known and practiced into a simple, clear, direct, and personal way that is very revealing and compelling. It is also a relief to know that, even if I don’t win the contest, I really AM still winning, and will continue to, the more I pay attention to, and practice these simple directives…that are very challenging, to the degree that one is hooked into ego.

  43. Patricia says:

    Off track a little, Andy, I couldn’t help giggling hearing all those people having trouble downloading!
    Haha -they sure understand the importance of having bug-free technology!
    Yet with our own lives we have so much forbearance and tolerance of even more destructive ‘bugs’!

    It’s wonderful how the computer metaphor is just the perfect application for allowing people to readily grasp the workings of the brain and mind (albeit simplistically)! I’m sure it would have been much harder to grasp the theoretical principles of your work many years ago, without having the experience of computers, etc…

    I myself came across Tony Robbins many years ago, then studied NeuroSemantics & NeuroLlinguistic Programming NS-NLP, covering many of the things you talk about so well: Your Rich Uncle was simply, super-savvy and spot on! If only all parents could be as simple and positively powerful as he!
    Reared on Western and Eastern concepts, I can say (from what I’ve seen so far of your work, and my own experience), that it’s the one general type of set of life-tools with which we can tie everything mental, physical and spiritual together, making it so much simpler to lead productive, proactive, healthy, compassionate, peaceful lives..
    My life was changed immensely just being able to put into practice rather than just ‘know’ – or follow and fear. …

    Nowadays combining appropriate frequencies with mind tools makes people like you the saviours of our troubled world.
    Please keep on helping us all, directly and indirectly…and by the Hundredth Monkey Effect too!

  44. Thanks a lot Andy’s show its really so great of You Mr. Andy and very proud of such wonderful and kind people as You teach a people here to get much more attractive and much more confident . late me tell You a little about my self please , I am a person with full creativity and have been all the time friend higher educated people the tools and education that i am using for every one to get encourage and higher . and when you get much more encouragement its automatically your thinking about your past , you back home , Your school friends when you been a little kid ,Your friends , Family , and how to help others to make them happy . I ever never guess to be a rich person . Trust me when people are loving you and highly respecting You its everything for me . Just I creat tv channel sahar-tv network just it was my dream to teach those people who really wants how to respect others and media is the only way to change and courage how to live and respect others around over the world . and thanks again for your hart work to feed back others friend and I highly value Your great work and wish you all the best . Kind regards .

  45. Nath says:

    Hi Andy,
    I tried the 15 secs exercise and it was so amazing that I bought the audio and the books without hesitation. I am waiting for the books to come. The only thing is that I am so busy with work as I am a very disorganized person. I need to find time to read and or to listen to the audios, so that I can grasp all that you mentioned in the 1st five chapters that I have downloaded until I received the books. The 15 Secs trick is already helping me a lot. I need to get organized and manage my time so that I can spent more time reading the book “A Bug Free Mind” with focus and attention. I need to master my mind at all cost.

    It is also amazing on how much you are committed to my success when I see all the e-mails you send me already. Very much appreciated.

    Thanks a lot.

  46. Hi Andy.. I have watched the 5 audios and i am very thankful and of its content. letting go of past traumas and forgiveness and accepting the now and observing without judgement , this is all good information that i would like to practice,in my mind and Practising no mind . Observing mind attitudes and situations will be a focus of mine ,gosh, my Brain has a lot of work to do..Thankyou very much Andy Shaw, all Respect to you…lolxxx Ive just had a thought,’ let it happen,’,,

  47. Mary Hammond says:

    Hi Andy.
    I have not been able to open my emails for quite awhile, until now. So I will thank you for continuing to send them. I have successfully downloaded the first 5 chapters of “Creating a bug free mind” which I have just begun reading. I have not had the same success with the first 3 chapters of “Using a bug free mind”. I don’t know why but it won’t download.
    I am, at this time, reading chapter one of “Creating a bug free mind” & it has me drawn in & I am wanting to read more. Thank you for all your support. It is most appreciated & I am looking forward to reading more. I have been struggling all my life & I’ve been following the same old patterns, & now I’m wanting out of all that, especially the financial struggle I grew up in.
    I may be late in opening up the emails you have sent me (& I still have quite a few to open) but I know it’s never too late to change my life around.
    Wishing you & your crew a very Merry Christmas & A wonderful New Year.
    Thank you again
    Mary (Australia)

  48. Brian says:

    Thanks Andy!

  49. Kadiii says:

    I did it ^^^_^^^^,for maybe just a bit more than 15 seconds I thought about something beautiful,and after that I immediately found the solution to something I was too worried about.Andiiiiii thank you very much :)

  50. Jacqueline says:

    Hi Andy,

    it’s very fascinating stuff indeed, thank you so much for that!
    Just a question: in your email (to this page) you said there should be some kind of pop-up so you can enter a price draw of some kind? However, nothing happens on neither of the video pages you sent me.
    I’m using firefox and would love to participate in the price draw/quiz… Can you please let me know how??


  51. Cathy says:

    I had read the first 5 chapters before and had applied the 15 second technique. (Did notice this time that even though I enjoyed the experience that my nutter wanted to jump ahead and speed it up.) My nutter convinced me that the books were too expensive, so I did not purchase them. Here I am a year or more latter and my life has not improved. I still carry the same baggage or maybe it is different in small ways but still baggage! I still do not understand that I tell myself that I am going to do something faithfully starting today and it lasts maybe a day or a few weeks, etc. No real change. I guess it is the nutter taking back control. What do you say Andy?
    Thank you,

  52. Gregory says:

    Hi Andy,
    Have read your first five chapters to your book and loved them cant wait for the launching wrote to you before but never got a response.I have been practicing the exercises and it takes some getting use to but I do understand the concept it just we were never taught this kind of thing in the western civilization so it takes some getting use to but I do believe your process (A bug free life) is one of the best processes on the market and I can wait to get it or win it ,Thank you for making it possible for the ordinary man or women to have a way to live and control the life that we were mean’t to live.
    Thank you so much and looking forward to a great life!!
    Gregory (U.S.A.)

  53. Fay says:

    This has given me a lot to think about and work on.

  54. Will Charlesworth says:

    Andy, many thanks and much appreciation for the video downloads as well as the other emails. I like your approach: it’s simple and easy to understand, and it cuts to the heart of the problem right from the get-go. I literally stumbled upon the law of attraction a little over a year ago while I was surfing the web, looking for alternative remedies for the skin cancer I’ve been fighting for the past six years.
    As I dug deeper and started uncovering the maze of related material, I was astounded that I hadn’t heard about it before. Calling it ‘the secret’ is what I call an understatement. I have been meditating for quite some time and thus I realize the importance of achieving focus and control of your thoughts (or silencing the ‘nutter’ as you so aptly and humorously call it) but these videos have made me realize just HOW important is that first step, and that the control must be fine tuned and undergo continual maintenance. You’re a great teacher. Once again, thanks. Will

  55. Edward says:

    Andy I plan to pay for the books on payday as just for reading these articals it has helped me a lot…That thought about writing a book on my past ( prison ext ) once my mind is clean and ready I will then write that book, to do it now is not the right time…ed

  56. Dana says:

    Yes sirrreee Bob :)

  57. Nick says:

    I have trained myself to be able to stop thought on command but nothing has changed in my life. What is supposed to happen?

  58. Dan harris says:

    Hi Andy I am falling behind with the competition please could you advise what the closing date will be after the last question is posted as I am trying to really value the information in the book which is taking some time. Please can you also advise if the 15 minutes of positive thought is meant to be 15 minutes or snippets of 15 seconds throughout the day. the no mind is brilliant and I can hold a positive thought for 15 seconds, trouble is my ego will not yet allow me to get a grip of 15 minutes. Book is brilliant though thankyou, definitely considering the books if I can afford them.

  59. edward says:

    I could only borrow a $100 dollars and buy and activate a PREPAID Vanilla MASTERCARD and it was denied on Saturday when I tired to buy the two products . I have no credit card and that was all the money I had now what ???

  60. Santina says:

    Dear Mr Shaw

    Thanks so much for these 5 chapters. Having tried many personal development books, courses, healings, meditations to help with my issues and failing miserably each time. I thought there was something wrong with me and I was just being “resistant” to change.

    I am now very skeptical of most self-help “help”! So these chapters were just what I needed to help retore my hope and I have now purchased the 2 books!


  61. ishtiaq says:

    andy i have no words to say and to thank you ,its realy wonderful

  62. cliff says:

    Hi ANDY,,,I was really impressed with your info and did request your 1st 5 chapters of your book and WHAT a surprise to KEEP READING TO THE 10TH CHAPTER before you STOPPED ME from reading…I am discelict, funny I can’t even spell it, but I just wanted to read more…I do understand what you have made very clear in those 10 CHAPTERS..I am Broke, so to go further I will have to wait…I also saw that you were not going to do the books as so many didn’t benefit from them… I’ll tell you, I sure did
    …If ever you have an extra copy of the program I’ll Purchase it if possible….Thank You,,,Sincerely,,,Cliff Gant

  63. Regena says:

    Hello Andy

    Where is the link to learn about the books when they are published again?

  64. kerita says:

    I did realy find the difference that I’ve looking for this last days……. I AM COMMING SOON TO APPRECIATE IN THIS EARTH, GIVE ME 12 MONTHS AND YOU WILL SEE THE WORLD CHANGING………12 MONTHS from awakeness can be deeply more than 10 years of hard work

    • kerita says:

      Andy .
      do you know how Albert Einstein discover his entelligence (with a book ) I want you to ‘know’ that I would never stop in your books . give me one idea I give you hundreds ! Dont get me wrang ! I mean what I did consider from your books I apply it Am 19 years old and this is the best time to read your books …………………… (give a child a book and change the world) that what did happend for Albert Einstein!!! you can go and search for his 1st book and see what the book did give to him
      . Dont believe what I say…… just know it !!!

      Proof : your books I call it Magic
      thanks Andy

  65. Deborah Fletcher says:

    Hi Andy
    Your system is saving me. I am ready to start these first five chapters again and with more conviction. I also listen to your other audio lessons on the law of attraction….over and over again. I have been fighting for years to overcome the ego messages and self limiting BS that was in there and will continue to do so. So far you have saved my marriage as instead of doing what I have always done, i didnt push my husband away instead I told him I was struggling and asked for his help and told him just how much I loved him. Tell me this please, I have so much to give and have had limited success, I have achieved some monumental goals and also held myself back in other areas. Tell me – Should I concentrate on the bug free mind and just that or should I also at the same time get a specialist book to deal with my fear of abandonment which makes trust sooooooo difficult. I dont want to side track myself ….can you advise please.

    I am so grateful you created all this and are sharing it….Thank you

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