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  1. Keith Davis says:

    Have been reading Creating a B F M On second reading ,,, Had to reinforce the cover actually..
    Anxious to get into the Using a B F M,,, trying to follow your instructions..

    As in Dr. Robert Anthony’s trainings,,, and the critical factor alias Gate Keeper of the SC Mind.. Setting your mood getting into Theta and installing what you want while the GK is asleep,,, Thru self hypnosis.. And guarding the new installation as if it was always there..

    There is an uninstalling process before this can take place.. Don’t remember reading this technique in your books?

    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Keith,

      I take it that you reinforced the cover from a lot of use, and not from it being poor quality :-)… How many read throughs are you on now?
      And no I added this a while after writing the books. It was a technique I originally added in an article.

      Best wishes,


    • Diana says:

      Andy, I truly love all this information .It all makes sence to me.I’ll keep practicing on no mind,and watch your video s over and over.Thankyou Diana

  2. Paulina says:

    Hi Andy,

    I become aware how powerful the mind is at age 15 when I saw on of thoes stage hypnotists. When he sugested to the people on stage that they were burned with a cigarette on the arm (there was no cigarette) imediately an angry red blister formed. I was amazed for it was the mind that formed that blister instantaniously. I allways wandered why on earth the medical proffesion did not use this goldmine to cure diseases. Of course being only 15 other things like discovering that boys wernt all that bad after all amongst other things ,got in the way and I forgot all about it till a few years ago.

    To study the mind is one of the most facinating subjects that there could posibly be and yes I think everyone has their own personal ginie only the majority of people don’t know this.

    My motto is “Guard your mind with all your might for it is your most precious possesin” What I mean is guard it against negative programing which can be received from TV, negative people, bad subliminal masages and a lot of other things as you already know.

    I’m glad you are going to market your products on a wider scale for humanity needs this at this time so I wish you luck and hopefuly the world will wake up to the positive power of their truly magical mind.

  3. Pip says:

    hi andy and thank you so much for the first 5 chapters of this book i found them amazing!! i really want to buy the book but when i tried i could not as my credit cards was not accepted. see i have been on the road to getting my financial mishaps in order and am in a debt clearing program. this program had me get rid of all my credit cards. i have a debit card as my only card and i am unable to use it to purchase things online. i am in the second year of the four year program. i am forever grateful for the 5 free chapters and the free chapters of your crack the egg books. i am using what i have learned from them. I unlike what many have said, do value any and all informtion that is free. I am very grateful and working on all I receive from you. again thank you so very much. love, light and positive energy

    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Pip,

      You are quite welcome. I have a stack of great stories about people who couldn’t afford the Bug Free Process but then worked up to it, but my favourite was from a 65 year old man who was made homeless but had downloaded the 5 free chapters before he was on the street. He had two suitcases and his most valuable possession was his laptop. In a few months he generated enough to buy them, and within 6 months was in his own flat and in a new job. And he of course credited my process for giving him what he needed. So I’m sure I’ll see you again.

      Best wishes,


      P.S. I’ve written a stack of free articles and thinking techniques and put them on http://www.abugfreemind.com – time spent on there won’t be wasted!

      • Pip says:

        Thank you for your reply and the inspiration from the homeless man. I am currently going through your starter program again and you will see me. I will win your A Bug Free Mind Grand Prize Draw. I am getting results and loving every step of this wonderful journey. again I am most grateful for all you do and have given all of us. I am making great progress with 5 minutes of no mind. I also have made huge progress with thinking great wonderful positive thoughts for at least 15 minutes. I find walking barefoot on the beach very helpful in doing this. I just have to generalize doing it elsewhere. Again thank you so much and I have already won your Grand Prize…just got to catch up to me winning it!!!

  4. Vicki says:

    Hi Andy,

    Your chapters of videos look awesome, however, I am deaf and I relies on closed captioned videos to be able to follow what its being said. Will you please have them closed captioned (CC)? I know I will enjoy watching your present and future videos.

    Looking forward to having abundance in my mind, body and soul!
    With my heartfelt thanks,


    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Vicki,

      Thank you for this, I’ve never even considered it before to be completely honest. Unfortunately we are still in the early stages and I am currently only about 40% of the way through creating these videos. But when I get them finished or maybe before then yes I certainly will!

      Best wishes,


      • Michelle Eastman says:

        As well as close captioning, please do not forget those of us for whom the world of sight is either a thing unknown or only dimly perceived. I think you would be shocked at the desperately search and READY minds that lay within that darkness. Life has oddly freed us from a number of major sources of indoctrination but we are all too often limited or excluded from the higher guides by the fact they are either unavailable at all in a form and format that we can access or else we are entirely dependant on the assistance of someone patient enough to walk with us through those guides.

        I do understand that things are in their early stages, but once the majority of people have been reach, please don’t forget about the minority … After all, have not those that have found Success always been in the Minority?

        Thank you and I look forward to everything that is to come.

        • Andy Shaw says:

          Hi Michelle,

          I was recently privileged to have someone come to one of my Life Design Getaway’s who was totally blind and it was very rewarding for both of us. In time all I teach will be made easier for people who are disabled, but for now we are still at the very early stages of this, as you know.

          Best wishes,


    • mark harvey-smith says:

      Hi Andy,
      Frustratingly it is not possible to pause, and carry on from where you were. Or to drag on the timeline. Is this a bug in the system?
      Or is it intentional? If it is intentional, it is counter productive as it puts me off listening to it again.
      But I get the impression that it is very good.

      • Andy Shaw says:

        Hi Mark,

        Nope, you should be able to move about the video as you choose to… We are updating these to make sure everyone can download them though if they are having trouble.

        Best wishes,


  5. Emma says:

    Hi Andy,

    I watched your video on the LOA Summit which was so informative and to the point. I am a psychology student and find this a real interest- fact is you are so right. I have recently re-connected with my dreams and begun the journey to become a psychologist, fascinated I am mindset, visualisation and it’s powerful place within us, talking to others about daily I am still shocked how so many people seem lost – with this in mind I know I will run my own business, travel the world, make great sums of money and help people to lead their greatest lives…. Through as many means as possible – I care passionately about people and have always felt I have something extra to offer, even though I still get those ‘doubts’ after going through some horrific experiences as a child but through studying the mind, understanding the potential and remembering how to connect to ‘Emma’s World’ again (this has taken time & effort) I am excited! I look forward to winning your free books and learning from a great man! ๐Ÿ˜‰ thank you for sharing your experiences. Emma

    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Emma,

      Thank you for the compliments… I’ll make sure to let my wife know at least you think I’m a great man.

      The secret is to remove the doubts as they are the dream killers. There is no need to try and hold onto dreams but the removal of doubt that you will achieve them is of primary importance. In fact the chances of achieving a dream whilst still doubting that you can get it is probably impossible. Anyone who says they doubted it until it happened just hasn’t looked closely enough into it. When they do they will see that all success happens when the person let go of their doubts.

      As for how many people seem lost… Unfortunately it’s virtually everyone, though most have no idea they are lost until it’s too late, they are too busy just doing what they are doing to realise they are not doing what they want or what they planned to do… The problem is so massive that I saw the only solution being to show people how to stop doing it wrong by accident and start doing it right on purpose instead. This is my reason why I created this in the first place, I saw the world had a maths problem and this is how I intend to solve it… the time it takes to solve is not important, just that it is eventually solved ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Best wishes,


  6. Brian Smith says:

    Have been unable to register for the free 5 chapters. Is there a website problem with this please?

  7. mark harvey-smith says:

    Q3 – the answer is not A. B. orC. it is “edited by Andy :-).”
    I would like Q4 and the rest of the Q’s back

    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Mark,

      I’ve edited out the answer ๐Ÿ™‚

      The secret is not just to win the competition, but this information and the way it is taught will produce amazing changes in people… To use a Chinese Proverb – The journey is the reward.

      Best wishes,


  8. Brian Smith says:

    Sorry Andy, but it still says error on page and there’s nothing to click on to get the free chapters. Could someone phone tomorrow to help me please. 01798 813133. Brian

  9. Ross says:

    Thank you for giving us all a system of de-programming that is beyond timely! I just hope you’ll still have the resources to fulfill my order for the book/audio….I felt something very strong and right the moment I opened the first email I received from you. This is truly genius, blessed be and please keep me informed or allow me to know about anything associated with “A Bug Fee Mind” . Thank you.
    Ross Brockway

  10. Ronald Cortolezzis says:

    Thank you for the ‘FREE’ videos, books and your time. I am very grateful for all that I receive on a daily basis. I ‘know’ that everything in my live is via me attracting it – ‘connecting’ with certain people and information to help us to re-discovery the true power of our lives, our own ‘Mind’. I can feel a ‘great’ power from within me, that is just beyond my understanding. It is infinite, powerful and knows all. It is also ‘timeless’. I am also ‘connected’ to my ‘child-like’ feeling of excitement again. I have my battles with my ‘ego’ and regaining my power of creation again. I will let my child set sail for my dreams heading to the infinite ocean that is ‘me’ and leave the ‘ego’ behind. I am ‘connecting’. Thanks again. My big dream is to help people to rediscovery their own Infinite power that is always within.

  11. Sania says:

    Ok, this is day three…
    I had to watch the video several times because when I watched the first time I cried because it is so true on the mindset and how we forget our childlike fearlessness to achieve and try. I realized that in just the few videos that it is like pouring information into dirty water because it sits dormant. You can’t pull all the pieces together if you are pessimistic and clouded with ego. Even if you have the drive but your mind is all over the place how could you even begin to start, or finish anything. I have had the opportunity to have revelations about self and with the understanding from this video i was able to clean my house….Yay me because i was so unorganized. I read so many books signed up for free tools and everything. I have the information but I was not driven to use it. Its almost like it pulled on my already dieing self esteem because it was not as easy as they made it out to be and when I did not get it done or in certain time limits set by self I felt terrible and gave up. Well when I saw that you had to know what you want and do what need to be done to get it done I chose cleaning. and I did not have a plan set in stone but it developed as I went along. I just started. But boy can I say the task was not something I wanted to do but something I knew had to be done. I cant wait till day 4 what else can I change. Thank you thank you thank you….For whatever reason (dont Know) I am really starting to catch on to the things I forgot or ran from wow…

    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Sania,

      Crying is not an issue, I do it myself quite often… Mainly when I receive testimonials of the changes my students have made, I find it very inspiring.

      What you say is very true, in fact there is a video I’ll be sharing soon that gives the muddy pond analogy very well.

      As for your dieing self-esteem, give yourself a little break and apply the lessons you’ll get in the Free Chapters tomorrow… That should give your self-esteem a boost of life. What you should notice though is that as you go through the techniques you should see that none of them require effort or trying… They just require you to apply the techniques and consider your thoughts… You should find that your self-esteem comes nicely back into the place it should be – an abundance of it!

      Yes I know it sounds impossible, but it isn’t… but don’t believe me, go through the techniques and you’ll prove it to yourself as you do.

      Best wishes,


      P.S. It gets better ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Valerie says:

    Hi Andy
    Hey it’s not my ego stopping me from watching the video, it just won’t come up. I’ve gone through all the hoopla of typing in various numbers because it says there’ s an error in my email address but all to no avail. Any help available? Valerie

    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Valerie,

      I’ve been having non-stop internet browser issues myself today too. I suggest, first trying the link in a different browser i.e. firefox or chrome. Then if that doesn’t work, have a go at clearing your cookies. That should do it!

      Best wishes,


  13. Ann Gray says:

    This is just amazing Stuff. Thank you! and Blessings to you!

  14. Erich Hartmann says:

    Hi Andy,

    there is a voice inside telling me: this process is too simple, too easy to be effective in debugging your cluttered mind! This voice is telling me “you have so many bugs, it needs many lifetimes and lot of meditation and therapy to clean them out”. Iยดve meditated a lot in my life and I have done many workshops and therapy – sessions, but there seems no end to it, things get cleared out but new “old” stuff is coming up again and again.
    There was a time in my life when I was really creative and I was succesful in whatever I started, but 20 years ago I lost a fortune through betrayal because I trusted some friends too much and since then my life seems to be in a downward spiral and nothing really works anymore, my dreams are gone and I feel broken. ABFM really inspires me, but then there are these inner voices, and they are very strong and it is really difficult for me to commit to another new process one more time. Can you help?


    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Erich,

      Well said!

      The truth as you are about to discover is that the voice inside your head is not on your side… Though it’s your voice so you assume it must be.

      The truth about what this voice is, is nothing short of amazing and if I was to answer it here then it would rob from you the pleasure you’ll get when I introduce it to you properly in the first 5 chapters of Creating A Bug Free Mind (part 4 of the starter kit).

      You probably won’t fully understand what I am about to write next until you’ve read those 5 chapters, so I would suggest reading what I’m about to say here again after you have, and re-read what you wrote too, as you will learn something and make progress.

      The voice in your head knows it’s in trouble, as you asked for the answer and your subconscious mind has delivered it – no it hasn’t your voice will say! It must say that as it knows you are at a turning point and you are about to expose the truth… This is like Neo waking up in the Matrix ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’m sure we’ll be speaking again after you yourself answer your question when you’ve read the 5 chapters,

      Best wishes,


  15. Mia says:

    Hi Andy,

    I purchased and sent through payment a few days ago. Will I receive my books? I am asking because according to this video and some other things that I have read, they are unavailable!!! -Confused

    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Mia,

      Yes you will… I reward those who trust their intuition with a discount and time. I am preparing for a major launch of this process next February but this is a test to see what will happen. Unfortunately we live in a jaded world, if I could simply say… Look this process will transform your life and you will shortly see this as the or one of the major turning points of your life, so just buy it and get on with it then I would. Unfortunately the world has got so confused that when the real deal shows itself that we all logically doubt it. So we have to do all we can to get people to just start to read, once they have then the only barrier is money as they know they have stumbled upon ‘something different.’

      So I apologise for any confusion, but you will be getting your books… and secretly without any hype, they will deliver more than I can promise as if I told you what they’d deliver to you… well your logical mind would definitely think I was lying ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Enjoy the process and let me know how you are doing in about 6 weeks ๐Ÿ™‚

      Best wishes,


      • Mia says:

        Thank you for getting back to me Andy :):)

        I am very excited about receiving these books as I have had my mind on purchasing them for a while but as a young student, it is sometimes difficult to buy things unless there is a good discount :):):)

        After reading a few of the free chapters, I have a feeling that this one will really make a difference out of the hundreds of PD books that I have read. You write with clarity and passion, and I plan to read and re read these books until I know what you know! ๐Ÿ™‚

        You write your articles in a way that make so much logical sense to me and being younger than what I assume is your target audience, or at least the audience that seeks this enlightening information, I know that my mind is not yet as ‘contaminated’ as it could have been at a later age, and I look forward to applying what you teach with respect to ‘removing all the bugs’ and replacing my thoughts with a better way of thinking.

        I wish you the best of luck with your preparation for the big launch and thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us ๐Ÿ™‚

        Best regards,

  16. Deborah Gerlaugh says:

    just looking for a job, not more school or anything else

    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Deborah,

      Go through all the free material it will get you what you are currently looking for. When it helps you then it will not teach you what to think, it’ll teach you something you think (assume) you already know, which is how to think. It’ll be here for you when you are ready,

      Best wishes,


  17. Shiryl says:

    So admittedly I am one of those who doesn’t know what I want.
    I knew as a child I wanted to be rich/wealthy and not have to be stuck working for someone else and letting them determine what I am worth.
    It hasn’t happened yet.

    But I did notice something…which is somewhat related.

    I noticed when I would join an organization (work or extra cirricular), people would have these ideas of what they would want me to achieve. If I went along with the plan, things went well. But as soon as I deviated, they would get very angry, mean, and abusive verbally. I figured out they were angry I did not go along with their plan, but was angry at myself for not having one of my own.

    I gotta show my now teenager, the path I am on now is wrong, and change things ASAP.
    I can’t tell her to live different and be different, but not being a living example of it myself.

    Thank you for this information.

    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Shiryl,

      You’re not alone, virtually no one knows what they want, it is one of the biggest dis-eases of mankind and no one really even notices it. The first step is to know that you don’t know and from there you can begin to make progress… simple I know but our ego seeks to take us away from this uncomfortable truth by tempting us with easy TV, beer or some other vice, all of which rob us of the most valuable gift of all, which is the present moment.

      As for your daughter… by you shining a light she will follow, without effort. Just by being the change you wish to see from her, you will alter her path no end. There is nothing wrong with being where you are, deciding to stay there once you have awoken to the truth of where you are, well that you can decide whether or not it would be wrong.

      Best wishes,


  18. Gaye says:

    Hello Andy: I have dreams Butt some where along the way I faltered . the clutter over the years is insurmountable. I definitely need to uninstall some crap. And build the self confidence back so I can continue with the dream. Thanks again Gaye

    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Gaye,

      The funny thing is you don’t need to build self confidence, you need self confidence to just happen as a by-product. I do not know one successful person who has built self confidence, it is just something that showed up without effort and without and pain automatically as a by-product of simple structured thought… It was only when I looked into self confidence and why I had it that I was able to see where it came from. Take anything you have succeeded at and are considered by others as successful at, from any point in your life and you should see that self confidence was just there.

      That’s how I designed my process to work, I like making it easy for people to succeed, and if self confidence is your issue, then it won’t be for very much longer.

      best wishes,


  19. Sally says:

    Hi Andy!
    Thank for all your work and the 5 free chapters. Incredible. Fricken bugs. I am using positive energy for bug spray, as I am telling others. Will the Universe show to us which bugs we needs to spray? Some days when feeling on a higher vibrational, a bug wants to come in uninvited. Is that showing what still in my SC?

    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Sally,

      Your welcome… But don’t use too much positive energy as this is nearly as bad as motivation ๐Ÿ™‚

      People say I am the most positive person they know, but I do not think positively, I quite simply do not think negatively, all that therefore remains is positive thinking, applied without effort. Unfortunately it was never taught right, but no successful person puts effort into positive thinking, they all just do not think negatively… Simple, I like simple as it’s much easier that way. And this is the way you used to think naturally as a child, it was just programmed out of you… Well you’ll get it back soon, and you’ll be positive without having to apply effort to it.

      Best wishes,


  20. Caroline says:

    Dear Andy,

    Just this week I was given the link to your programm.
    This video makes me cry. After so many years of trying to fit in a system that does not work and studying many books to get out of this system at the same time, you hit the point exactly: I did not know where I was going in this life, I had no design. I started different ways of making my life a success, and in the end they all lead to more pain in my body.
    But…. I was the best mother my daughters could have had and it is time that I am going to realize that I have succeeded in bringing them up as the beautiful persons that they are. Now I am so happy to be able to start again, with your input, your enthousiastic energy, and the chance you are giving. I like to go the path no matter where it is leading to.
    Thank you so much for this opportunity.

    With love and light,

    The Netherlands

  21. Shankar says:

    Hi Andy,
    This is about A BUG FREE MIND. I downloaded and read the free chapters. And then, I totally forgot it. This afternoon, I received lesson 3: The ABC guide to living a legendary life. After I saw the video, I started re-reading the free chapters. When I read your side note on p.57, suddenly I realized the importance of re-reading good books. “It is not the things we are yet to discover that will change our lives, but the things we have learnt and ignored.” How true!
    What I have observed is that when I re-read a book, it gathers Chi. If I read it for a third time, it gathers some more Chi. And then I remove it from the book shelf and keep it in a secret place so that my friends cannot borrow it!
    I want to believe that the arrival of your lesson 3 this afternoon is not just a coincidence. For the past so many days I was searching for an answer and I found it on p.57. I just want to say “Thank you Andy” from the bottom of my heart. Please do accept.
    Shankar, Mysore, India

    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Shankar,

      Thank you for letting me know.

      I have the same trouble myself so much so that I decided to make my life revolve around the best material I could find. So I gathered all I could find and put it into one system for myself and the highest form of education is teaching so I decided to teach it and that way I would get better and better at it. What I’m saying is, I designed around my own weakness and now force myself to re-study the material again and again…

      Best wishes,


  22. shoni m says:

    Just downloaded the chapters and eagerly ready to also read what others are excitedly endorsing as a great start to changing for the better.

  23. Bruce Schafer says:

    Help. Possibly I’m being too picky, probably the ‘nutter’ in my brain has been in charge too long. I cant think of a happy time to visualize for 15sec. looking for a successful accomplishment that stands out. Keep getting hit with it not turning out somehow in the long run. Thanks again for this class/chance.

    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Bruce,

      A lot of people tell me the same thing… The truth though is that they and you have had many wonderful times, wonderful moments. Your ego will be attempting to convince you that wasn’t perfect ‘because’. Though at the moment it happened it was perfect, live in that moment.

      To give you an idea, since the perfect moment with my son, he is no longer two, I no longer fly planes, and therefore I could never have it again. But it was perfect when it happened.

      It can be something really small, it doesn’t have to be something like I had happen… It can be just a great evening out, or your first kiss… Just a great moment.

      Best wishes,


  24. Hi Andy

    So, the exciting journey continues with you. I have written to you before and you kindly responded. I just read the free chapters of your book. I love your down to earth approach and your colloquial use of language and the way you put things – in such an easy, understandable way. Your book is far spiritual than people realize, for you are espousing spiritual laws. I am very impressed. And yes, I have to agree that no self-help book that I have read (and I have read hundreds) has attempted to advise how to get rid of the bugs in the mind. As a hypnotherapist, I do understand how faulty thinking of the mind, can lock one into a self-imposed prison.
    I too love the simple exercises. My first attempt at thinking of something joyful, lasted a minute. My iphone did not have seconds in the stop watch, so I set 1 minute, and was able to achieve it with ease. I thought of the day I gave birth to my eldest son – it was my first, true God experience, knowing and experiencing this Great Mystery. This truly surprised me, for I have a very busy mind, but I am a very determined and powerful woman.
    As all is energy, every thought, every emotion, every dream, every action, all manifested material, it is therefore completely understandable that getting ridding of bugs, which are negative, is imperative, to operate a mind of intent and clarity.
    Thank you for highlighting the need for acceptance of what is, regretting the past mistakes and the judgement issue. I find that with my clients, I never express judgement, but when I am with my mother, she loves to talk about some of my siblings (I have 8 siblings) in a negative way, and I still have not been able to be direct with her about the fact that I don’t appreciate this, for fear of hurting her feelings. However, I have been also been working on my own judgements for the past two years…trying to distinguish between judgements and sometimes to truth of someone’s behaviour, such as a person deliberately being cruel or hurtful. Is it right to say this person is behaving in an unkind, cruel way, always separating the behaviour from the person? I am not explaining what I mean correctly, but I think you get the gist.
    I simply cannot wait for the rest of the programme, and of course, I am looking extremely forward to your big announcement and the purchase of your books and anything else you may be offering in the near future.
    Bless you, bless you, thank you and THANK YOU again.
    In spirit and connection

    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Verona,

      Thank you for all the wonderful compliments, they are always appreciated.

      Separation from judgement is beyond a blessing, it is pure freedom, you allow in the good and you don’t have to stop the bad coming in as it just knows not to bother you.

      Firstly I see others obviously behaving badly in the world through cruelty and I see it, but it does not affect me, because I am not judging it. I didn’t need to as it was obviously wrong and it was also none of my business, and I had no stake in the outcome. I cannot change that person, I do not seek to, all I do is seek to be the best me I can be. In doing so if I shine a bright enough light then others will see it. One of my favourite quotes of all time is from Ghandi, be the change you want to see in the world. I truly live that and as such I don’t get affected by the people trapped in the negative past which was created by people not knowing how to think.

      Sounds simplistic I know, but it’s just how my mind works. And, to look upon disease will create the disease in me, so I do not understand not to go there, I know not to go there… My wife says it’s because I don’t care, this is not true, it is just that I am into prevention rather than cure.

      As for your Mum, changing her out of her unconscious patterns entirely probably won’t happen as it isn’t really your right to change her. If you choose to be around her then your job is to learn acceptance of the person… Easier said than done right. However, I had similar issues with my Mum too and decided to change her by being the change I wanted to see in her… I did it because I wanted to. When she said a negative, I said a larger positive about the person and I said how I thought they were getting it right and living for themselves in the way they should.

      Pretty soon without any real effort, her negative comments dropped off sharply. She still comes out with the occasional one, but in the end through patience and persistence I shone a light on her negativity for her and she didn’t like what she saw so changed. I also did it in a way where she never saw me do it. Now chatting with her is fine, and she knows not to bring any negativity into the conversation with me. She doesn’t know why she doesn’t, she just doesn’t do it ๐Ÿ™‚

      I find the best way to win and get what you want is when the other person doesn’t know they lost.

      Best wishes,


  25. Ana says:

    Did you say that all I must do to design is to decide what I want and have fun dreaming up and walking the steps of Living my new life? I am also seeing that there’s a bunch of -tweak space- as I can dream anew or add, maybe even subtract a bit I no longer prefer any time I decide to? Just as in the pretend I did as a child, where the character I was playing expanded and changed as I continued to imagine?–Ana

    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Ana,

      The secret is to design until all doubt is removed. Doubt is the dream killer which has to be gone. Once that disappears and if begins to feel like your dream is supposed to happen then you’ll start to see yourself becoming attached to your dream. Then after that you’ll begin to pass to a state where it ‘feels’ like it’s already happened and you are waiting for it to show up in everyone else’s reality. That’s usually when I start working on it, as now I am going toward something that’s already there in my mind and I am attached to it, but at the same time I am detached from it as it has already happened. Making this construction in your mind relieves the outside pressures and enables you to just keep going as though it is real, because it is real for you. This way setbacks are not a problem, they are a help to refine the direction.

      Best wishes,


      • Nina deRochemont says:

        Right on! I think what is different in what you saying, is that being detached solidifies the absence of doubt. By hanging on to the affirmation over and over lurking in the background is a shadow of doubt . Right? The detaching makes it an “is”… Funny I have never heard it explained in that way Andy… that’s an important detail.

  26. BRUNO HAMEL says:


  27. Rhonda Toal says:

    I think your message is wonderful! This video is a great plan for your launch. Blessings. I am planning on winning! Your practices shared for FREE have helped me immensely only three days in.

  28. Jan Dudok says:

    Would love to win these books.Thank you Andy

  29. Dawn says:

    Wow, I can’t wait to get to the next step

  30. Nina deRochemont says:

    Hi Andy
    JEEPERS…. felt like you were calling me out in that video… Yikes!! For all my many talents, abilities, education and experience I should have been successful beyond my dreams right now! and in many ways I have some success-yet not to the level I feel in my heart of heart of hearts it should be. I have known for a long time that somehow I have sabotaged my success… yet for the love of Jesus, I have never been able to figure out why or how… and most importantly how I could change. I am the classic example of one who has a library of fabulous self help books. I have read countless marvelous works and listened to greatly inspiring audios. It has kept me sane through my mediocrity. ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am one of your faithful solders now. I simply am going to follow your lead because I really desperately need my life to turn around. I have done just what your video described and that is think about HOW I was going to do things without ever designing my life…. (and in fact was often scolded as a child and told to stop ‘daydreaming’). The funny thing is I have reached some of my goals my visualizing the outcomes I wanted… and was aware I had created the success- only my mind must be full of bugs as I ask for so little… I am looking forward to reading your books. Thank you for the 5 chapters. I am on my second read! (Wallace is one of heros- I have memorized part of his book)
    Faithfully Nina

  31. theresa jacobs says:

    I have watched all three of ur videos. Boy what a wake up call !!!! Im am starting to think about my design for my life. Ive always wanted to move back to ventura, calif, where I was born. The beach gives me peace all over my body. I want to be more in tuned with my mind, body and soul. I just recently got word from my mom that she wants to move to a senior home and she wants me to live in her house in ventura. We’ve never been close although im an only child. She is willing to talk about things and fix them. This makes me very happy. It is time for me to leave las vegas as it holds nothing for me any longer. I cannot wait to read your books, im so excited !!! Thanks for your great info and sharing with others. I feel like im in the right place and the right time for once in a long time. Thanks Andy, theresa jacobs

  32. Judy says:

    It makes a lot of simple sense. How could I possibly expect to unravel all I’ve learned until I cleared away the rubbish I’ve accepted to be truth over the years? I hope that makes sense :-))

    Amazing and it’s true, one is in the right place for the right information and the right time. It is law. Word of mouth was the peanut what done it for me though! Having heard much about this bloke, Andy Shaw and this book my friends in Dubai were reading, A Bug Free Mind, and having conjured up a head full of slaters, cockroaches and other bugglies, it was with intrigue that after I asked, what the …? I sought some info.

    As a result, I’ve read the first five chapters and couldn’t put them down. Now, with copious notes, a wee fear of information overload, I’m ready for the rest of the book. I have a mountain of questions that I trust will be answered as I read further.

    This opportunity is something I’m so grateful I didn’t pass up.

    Sunshine smiles,

  33. Ludmila says:

    First things first , I have to do debugging of my mind, in spite of problems with understanding English – thanks for inspiration. Ludmila

  34. Nurul Sanuri says:

    Dear Mr.Andy , Thanks for chance to watch Your videos previous explanation, these video maybe very clear but I am not yet understand what these are science, theory, experience , setting of mind or others, I think to receive this knowledge must be
    face to face with Mr. Andy, so that clearly. Theother hand I think to designed my mind , I think must be together, gathering, bring, permits with King Of Designer, Allah SWT, because Allah design of people, heart content, soul, mind, and diferent each others.
    I am sorry if this my comment is not to agree. Thanks for all support in advance, Nurul Sanuri.

  35. Swati Banerjee says:

    Hi Andy, I have been trying to buy your books and audio for the last half hour. However, when I try to check out, the form is rejecting my State (I live in India, and there’s no option to enter my state; the drop down menu is showing only US states) as well as my zip code. I keep getting an error alert that my State and zip code are invalid. What do I do? Please help me place an order. Thanks and warm regards, Swati.

  36. Rebecca says:

    It’s not that I have forgotten to dream, but as a mompreneur I feel that pull of the “practical” – you don’t have time to “plan”, there’s the dishwasher to empty, the yoga to do, the trust to draft, the milk to buy, the sidewalk to salt (there’s been a lot of snow/freezing rain/melting/refreezing).

  37. Ken Burchill says:

    makes sense

  38. Cristina Lipka says:

    Makes a lot of sense.

  39. Cheryl Bloomfield says:

    It all makes sense what you are saying. I totally agree with it and wish I had found this out a long time ago. Can’t wait to learn more

  40. R.J. Onishi says:

    Andy: Thank You for the free literature and videos! . . . These are truly “gifts” for those who seek personal and financial success. You have created the attraction and the catalyst that was vitally required to bridge that gap between mediocrity (“knowing”) and true success (“realization”). . . . R.J.

  41. Sheila says:

    I am intrigued by your work and am interested in reading more….when available. Thanks for sharing your learning.

  42. Vera J. says:

    Hi Andy,

    Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity
    to read the next 5 chapters of your powerful

    I am already applying daily your 15 SECONDS,
    NO MIND and 15 MINUTES Method.

    And I am participating in 17 QUESTIONS Program,
    so I am also hoping to win:)

    Have a great day, Andy!


  43. Paula says:

    Hi Andy. I am loving A Bug Free Mind !!! I only have one question I would like you to address. I’ve read all the personal development books recently, and like you, I see the missing piece is that they don’t tell you HOW to do it. Your books is the closest anyone has come!!!! I have always “thought” I knew what I wanted and made a plan to design my life….but after a few months, years, people that have come into my life or left…..I decide that’s not what I want and I end up starting all over again. Because of the unforeseen …. what I want keeps changing and I keep having to start over and so I never get anywhere!!!!! Can you address how you stay the course and don’t let things or people steer you off of what you want or is there a reason you are redirected?? I am 47 years old….and I look back on my life and it’s just not much different. It’s a series of starting over and wanting something else. How do you correct that?? Thank You!!!

    Overbrook, KS

  44. Kent says:

    Andy, Thank you for following your dream! Today’s video hit me right between the ears! It is so obvious, I have listened to so many self help speakers/books/tapes/etc…, but you have given me the answer. I have been busy working on my faults, when I should have been working on my dream!!!! Eternally Grateful!!!!

    Bruised, battered, but still standing and today is the first day of my Legendary Life.”

  45. Patrick Holden says:

    Hi Andy,
    I too have heaps of self help books that I have enjoyed reading but they never filled the parts to the jig saw I needed.(This was my conscious side). Upfront I really like the way you approach this topic, but I have a nagging feeling that something is missing.
    My own circumstances are nothing to brag about. But one of the behavioural reasons why I believe that I have had sub- standard life performance is because my subconscious was sabotaging me, and that was because it was wanting to be right most times ! Looking more closely at this , I ascribe this to “abandonment as a child interpretation”. Sounds a little self orientated, but on looking more closely, and in playing this child,and wanting to be right, it was a game that I was unconsciously always going to win, and it satisfied my ego unconsciously. Little did I know that it was having horrific effects on my conscious life. I am now aware of this.
    I would really like to hear how you embrace some of your practices to clear these unconscious behaviours.

  46. richard says:

    hello andy! is there any way i can get this book translate in swedish? your the best

  47. Eugenia Parish says:

    Thanks for the free teaching . At last— a-system that works !
    Gratefully, Gena

  48. Kathy says:

    Looking forward to learning more about this.

  49. Gloria Church says:

    This is a program I would like to teach to others.

  50. Christian Bertrand says:

    If this is the early order form location to order in advance aswell as get many help videos like that GREAT ONE I just watched on being a legend, then here & now is where & when that I’m asking for all the great things that you just mentioned Andy. If you remembered me, I was one of the very few that had the incredible privilege of receiving YOUR PERSONAL letter emailed to me STRAIT from your personnal email! I am Christian Bertrand from Montreal Quebec Canada and the reason I got your personal attention to have you reply to me AND GIVING ME NOT ONLY THE FIRST 5 chapters that I already recieved like many others did, BUT YOU ALSO SENT ME THE FIRST 10 chapters of Creating A Bug Free Mind as a gift *THAT I AM SO GREATFULL FOR!* -might I add, and this for that VERY STRAIT-OUT, BLUNT AND STRAIT TO THE POINT LETTER ABOUT HOW WERE THE “EXTREMELY POOR BUT NOT IN THE STREET BUT CAN BARELY FILL THE FRIDGE BENEFIT FROM THIS?” -letter. Well that was me & thanks again. So to end this note, please put me on the PRE-ODERING LIST. Talk to ya soon Andy, …if This actually gets to you!

  51. Isaac says:

    This is great.

  52. Margret says:

    Hi Andy,
    I just started a coaching project of how to get a prosperous mind. My coach adviced me to buy your book so that’s why I so dissepointed that I have to wait for 8 (?) weeks (I can’t understand everything). I found the first 5 chapters of your first book on the internet and I’m glad with that. Can you tell me when exactly the book will be for sale?
    Kind regards,
    The Netherlands

  53. Terri says:

    I bought the downloads of both audio books. The only thing I am sorry about that I did not buy the books at the same time. It is great to listen but I would like to go and mark things in the books and reread them. Can’t wait until they are available again. I listen to the recorded books in my car to and from work, several times. I love it! I wish this was around when I was raising my children and when I was growing up. My life could have been so different if I had some direction. Of course, I was taught to look for direction outside myself like school counselors and such. I am starting to dream again but I admit I am a little jaded so it is taking me a while. But I know I will get there. Thanks Andy!

  54. Robyn says:

    Hi Andy

    We are planning to get probably the audios and books once they come on sale on the 29th,, and am making do til then with some of the free chapters and some free audios we downloaded.
    I am at the bit where we have to hold a memory for 15 seconds, but I can’t think of a great memory. I know that sounds bizzare but a lot of bad things have happened in the past. The last few months I have been working with LOA and got to the point a switch has gone off in my mind and I see life in a far more positive way, but prior to this is like a lot of my life I have forgotten, so much has happened, I am in the process of gradually weaning off some antidepressants, so not sure if that is having an effect. My husband is in the same situation. Its like I went thru my life scared to enjoy a moment in case it was snatched away and he was the same. Even holding my children for the first time i can’t remember the emotion. However in the last 2 weeks I felt joy holding my 2nd grandchild and feel a bond with her. Is that recent memory one I can work with, or does it have to be one from a long time ago.

    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Robyn,

      It does not matter if the moment happened yesterday, or even today. What matters is it made you feel wonderful.

      However, have another look for some great moments from your life too. They will be there, however, your ego will attempt to show you something negative that happened later after the moment meaning you can’t enjoy that moment. This is of course rubbish. Let’s say a person marries the man of her dreams and her wedding day is perfect. Then 10 years later she gets divorced. The moment was perfect, therefore it can be enjoyed.

      Other moments like having a good laugh with friends, or just at a tv program. ANYTHING that makes you feel good.

      You will also find less and less need for the anti-depressants. Don’t rush it, just enjoy the process of slowly feeling better everyday ๐Ÿ™‚

      Best wishes,


  55. Susan M says:

    Not a single negative comment. How very odd.

    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Susan,

      Not really, create a positive environment and allows people to breath freely. For every one negative comment there are dozens of constructive ones. I remove negative comments if they offer no value. If they are constructive criticism and therefore of benefit then they can stay. As constructive criticism is always welcome.

      I have the same policy in the community site, there is no benefit in negativity so I will evict it. But if you can constructively criticise then of course it’s welcome. Since we created the Bug Free World community site the number of evictions for negativity or for anything else as it happens, stands at 0.

      Best wishes,


      P.S. I just looked and I’ve trashed a total of 7 comments for the site… Not for this page, for the site!

  56. Mary Higgins says:

    Enjoy your videos. Please keep me posted

  57. ana corina burgos says:

    please add me to your pre-list I am interested on get the system.
    Thank You ๐Ÿ™‚

  58. Karen says:

    Add me to your list

  59. Patricia Headford says:

    All I can say is thank god for you Andy. If I could express the gratitude I feel for you, I would wear out all the positive
    superlatives in the English language.Thank you for being my guide and counsellor. I love all you do and am more than ready for it. I am looking forward to your books being expanded and more illustrative if that’s what you meant. You have all the world on fire.
    I count you as a very dear friend.
    Yes. Add me to your list also.

  60. nick says:

    Well now I get it. I made comments to these sites about how I was not getting any results from this program and they were never published – now I know why. You are making a judgement that those of us who are not getting results must be ‘bad’ or ‘negative’ people. That’s really too bad. As I am neither. I have put a lot of work into this program – I have gone through the first book six times now and nothing in my life has changed at all. You should set up a help desk for people experiencing a lack of results and try to help them rather than labelling them and judging them. And as usual this post will probably not get posted for the above reasons!

    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Nick,

      I don’t know if your comments were moderated or not. As for your other comments:

      No judgement is being made. As for your comment of going through the book 6 times and nothing has changed. There’s two areas of concern here, 1) I don’t think anyone would read a 550 page book more than twice if they saw no change, so you saying you’ve read it 6 times without change cannot be correct. There may be no material change, but there will have been changes in areas of your life. 2) If there has been no materialistic change after reading 6 times then there has to be something really simple that you’re not quite doing right. My guess to that would be doubt, but it is only a guess. Are you doubting your own success? Or are you still in fear of success… Let me know and I can help.

      We do have a helpdesk set up here: http://www.abugfreemind.co/help/. As for people not experiencing results, we just don’t have people like that who’ve read the process SIX times! At least none that tell me like you have. So of course I want to help. I designed this process so that the student could do it. If it hasn’t happened for you then it’s down to my teaching of it, so helping you would improve my teaching. So please let me know and I will help.

      Best wishes,


  61. Gina says:

    Awesome! Let me know.

  62. maureen riley says:

    fabulous! Iโ€™m in..

  63. Elizabeth Dawson says:

    Thank you once again.

  64. Becky says:

    Ready to learn!

  65. OK, so here is what happened.
    2015 is going to be my year of change. Started by considering many self-help online resources and took some ideas from several.
    I read the free ebook for BFM and found it interesting but nothing too new to tax my brain with. All made sense. I looked into buying the first book and decided I would wait and see if the money came in to cover the cost, as I operate a tight ship with cashflow.
    I left it at that. Came into work on Monday and found in my inbox a notification that an idea I had submitted at work had earned me a commendation, along with a cash payment for my trouble. This didn’t cover the cost of the book however, so as I had made my decision to wait until resources appeared, I didn’t order. I then calculated how much I was saving in petrol now that prices have dropped, as I travel quite a distance to work each day. These 2 things together covered the cost.
    Ordered, received and being read!
    I also had a cracking idea for a new business to add to the ones I am currently considering and am very excited about the journey with each of them.

    Thank you Andy. I will keep you posted. ๐Ÿ™‚

  66. Trevor says:

    I believe that your Books and Audios are no longer available for 8 weeks. Can you let me know when they are available for purchase.
    I wish to purchase same.

  67. Trevor says:

    I wish to purchase the books and audio. I think they stopped for 8 weeks. Let me know when available.

  68. melanie ingram says:

    iam not sure what words to use other then you have changed my life! of all the people i would like to meet it is you Andy. i have tryed to get another book because mine is falling apart , i take it everywhere it is my bible so to speek. i would like you to save me one for my self and would love to have one for each of my children 5 in all . or mayb pass mine down . Thank you for the best book i have ever read . you are truly a gift to mankind. ps everyone should read this book it will change your life for the better.

    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Melanie,

      Thank you for your very kind words.

      Best wishes,


      • Surendra says:

        Here it seems like .Dots are appearing here slowly about my journey and I know how to make connecting through my natural language so I am here…..desire is also building up to connect the .Dots to build structure of my journey to show the world by symbols on papers… Feeling grateful for your desire to show the world a perfect way to indicate the world\’s believing do not work but knowing works here and that\’s how math works and math makes magic happen your world\’s saltori=math\’s=magic=believing=unknown=societies or saltoris and saltori=knowing=certain=math\’s====mother nature=beginning or ending. = Long story connects short and you go both way and that is called prove=proof that\’s= choice. , Get better at making your choices=how to come together to build better world= desire of my natural teacher through natural language=system=saltori. So again make your choices carefully and be aware about what you choose. Again magic but need to erase something.

  69. Kyle Spendlove says:

    Hey Andy first off I would like to thank you for being a guide on my journey. I received your books on audio back in mid February 2015. I was off and on with listening to it because I kept getting frustrated on not being able to grasp no mind. Then in October 2015 I became obsessed with listening to your words. I would listen on my way to work, when I was cleaning up around the house, and I would fall asleep with headphones having it ingrained in while I was sleeping. There came a point when I started observing and realizing that my habits were holding me back. Especially watching tv. So I cut off the tv and continued to listen to your books. While all this was going on I became really deeply depressed. Probably because the truth can hurt. I had no joy in anything I was doing. But in my depression I became still and did not have a thought and then I realized nothing mattered. In this realization I found peace harmony and happiness. I found how to open your 3rd eye and have had visions of an abundant future. In my visions I became inspired to write a book about finding your genius. Since I know of the law of reciprocation. I would like to ask for some advice on how to get a book published. Thank and much love

  70. Devon Ceanna says:

    Today, I am ever grateful for Andy Shaw. A power punch into a present reality filled with blessings and gratitude-that\’s what A Bug Free Mind has been for me. When I create the time to plug in to Anik Singal\’s work, I know I will succeed beyond my current imaginings. I came across Andy after completing the Feminine Power course by evolving wisdom/Claire Zammit and Katherine Woodward Thomas. A speedy ride into the exact life I sought has followed. Is following. Is here, now. My language, words, attitude and mindset have improved dramatically upon listening to my audio version of Creating a Bug Free Mind. My goal setting improved dramatically after graduating from the Feminine Power course. I also attended their graduate studies and I am also ever grateful to their work. From where I was two years ago to where I am today is an unbelievable Ascension from a verbally abusive relationship heavy with fear and negativity. The improvement in the success/reputation/income level of my already well established home business has allowed me the means to play with Andy\’s ideas on giving what you want to receive. I receive constantly. It\’s such amazing karma after living a life of personal sacrifice to now create a life that allows me to celebrate the good in the world while offering my gifts to my circle–a circle that widens with the presence of fellow beings who live the good life while maintaining their goodness. We vilify the rich in America because of all the corruption in the Big Businesses that basically own our government, but having money doesn\’t make you evil. Good people can have money, too. They just use it differently and there are so many positive things to support financially on this globe: land preservation, relief efforts, renewable energy and resources, holistic health and wellness, education reform… This new mindset is a propellor casting me gently but quickly forward into the arms of an almost unimaginable life, but that\’s the thing. Imagination is the power under the wings. I go on… Andy Shaw, you are an amazing teacher. The simplicity of your presentation of a generally simple idea makes living big simple. And I will be grateful for these lessons made simple EVERY DAY. Peace and love to you, as it is in heaven may it be on earth.

  71. melanie ingram says:

    I bought your books when they first came out. It has helped me in meny ways. please let me know when i can get another copy. i want one for my car. I have five childred and would love to give each of them one. It is Thanksgiving today and i am THANKFUL.

  72. Surendra says:

    I am human being. One among SALTORIST\’S.

  73. Ayushi says:

    thank you sooooo much Andy for thr free chapters… from last 4-5 months this \”nutter\” in my brain was demotivating me from doing anything. If I wanted to do something it would appear and say.\’ no you can\’t, you can nevrr do this\’ I was fed up with this things going in my mind. When I read those 5 chapters I come across many thing that I had done in teenager and still doing it…like your section on forgiving everyone who have hurt us in the past.. First time I did this was when I Was 14yr.. i understood that by forgiving i am just freeing myself from many bad emotions attached to it.. and I can very easily hold positive thought for 15-20 min… I able to do this on first attempt.. This made me very happy.. now I Am of 19yrs.. thank you for this free 5 ch. i will definitely read the book..

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